Year 1991. Ladakh Public School was born amidst the ever-burgeoning need for reformation in educational sector. With its humble beginning of 35 students in Nursery and Kinder Garden sections, the school silently nurtured in its womb, the strength and resources and thus began its voyage towards the uncharted domain in an attempt to explore, discover and realise the innate potentialities each child is bestowed with.

Though the school encountered hiccups in its initial stage of progression, the school, nevertheless marched forward undeterred.

From three class rooms and one room for office, the school now has four blocks each consisting of 6 rooms with administrative block standing tall and proud.

The school was affiliated to Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education and the sojourn with the board is replete with good memories. The memories the school holds dear to its heart. The school under the Jammu and Kashmir board had touched a new height of recognition both from the parents and the board for having been played a great inspirational and role model for other schools to imitate. The school takes pride for having given 100% results with students scoring 100 out of 100 in Maths paper. This historical landmark mirrors, guides and reconfirms the school’s thirst for perfection in its small little ways.

In tune with the growing demand, the school got affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi vide Affiliation No. 730039 with 24010 as its school code. Emboldened by the past history and unflinching support from highly dedicated teachers, the school has been on song since 2008 with 100% result. Four students were merited with certificate for scoring CGPA 10, adding more luster to the already richly- endowed crown of Ladakh Public School.

History has it that the school has left its mark whenever it is called for, be it in educational domain or environmental awareness campaign or any other socially relevant campaign.
The school feels proud for having introduced and initiated many of such kinds in the past and is committed to such ventures in the future as well.
Over the last 22 years, the school has grown in age and maturity. The stature and the height, the school has acquired, are synonymously reckoned with a household name of sort and its fame is chanted like mantra by all alike.

Today, the school is one of the most reputed and highly sought-after school in Ladakh region with the students’ enrolment touching to 1160. Equally enchanting to see is the army of 45 highly skilful and proficient teachers, aided manually by non-teaching staffs who are ever on the vigilance to realise the set goal. This feature, apart from many, is a hallmark the school proudly displays and translates it in the form of excellent academic record imbued with profound ethical behaviour in the students.

The vast space for playground reflects the school’s philosophy of growth and knowledge expansion in physical form. The school is ever ready to accommodate new thoughts and ideas that would help the students to broaden their outlook, liberal in the search of true knowledge and compassionate at heart.

The school is well-furnished with state-of-the-art infrastructure and teaching aids. The school provides smart class to all the classes. It has helped students fall in love with learning. This pedagogical device has opened a new vista for the students to approach knowledge and learning in a very unconventional way.
Besides this, the computer class with broadband internet services have brought the students closer to the world far beyond than what they had imagined earlier. Such passport to different fields of knowledge and their inter-relatedness have enriched the students’ outlook and help prepare the students to take decision independently and holistically.

The school certainly owes its indebtedness to Mr. P.C. Belwal, the school Principal for his tireless effort in transforming the vision into a tangible reality. His hard work in the field of education is highly honoured by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi and was awarded the best Teacher-Principal Award by the same board in September, 2012.


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